back on air

Paul Hollingdale

Paul Hollingdale_smallPaul truly is a “radio legend” in Vienna – He was the voice
that opened Blue Danube Radio, and now he’s back
with a new mission: VIR. Read more about Paul…

Simon Yates

Simon YatesSimon is an internationally experienced management executive and a seasoned radio host. Read more about Simon…

Phil Fothergill

PhilPhil has worked in TV and radio for over 30 years, and he’s thrilled to be returning to Vienna. Read more about Phil…

Chris Roth

Chris RothChris is a musician and translator who’s been in and out of Vienna for the past 15 years. Read more about Chris…

Patrick O'Connor

Patrick O&#39ConnorPatrick is a musician and student from Ireland who just recently moved to Vienna.
Read more about Patrick…

English Radio for the City


International organizations, multinational corporations,
schools and cultural institutions, clubs and associations,
and quality English-language print media…
They employ and serve over 100,000 Vienna residents
who speak English at work, at home or both.

For a long time now, Vienna has been missing
a local, English-language broadcast medium.
We’re here to be that medium!

Music, views, interviews,
and news on the hour. Webplayers: Listen on Tunein or listen on Audiorealm or open the playlist-file.

listen_live2small Hourly global news updates from FSN

listen_live2small Austrian news stories from

listen_live2small Daily news service from UN Radio